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A number of biological surveys have been carried out over the years in Ecological Owlthorpe by the ecology department of Sheffield City Council to establish the levels of Fauna and Flora that exist there. These records of 843 species have been added to the Biological Records Center RECORDER database.

Owlthorpe Meadows Invertebrate Survey - 2010 By Derek Whiteley


Owlthorpe Meadows Invertebrate Survey - 2011 By Derek Whiteley


Owlthorpe Meadows Invertebrate Survey - 2012 By Derek Whiteley


Invertebrates species




The following lists give an indication of the biological diversity of species including Ancient Woodland Indicators that can be seen in Ecological Owlthorpe are as follows:

Vertebrates 96 species in total

78 Species of Birds

16 Species of Mammals

1 species each of Amphibian & reptile

Invertebrates 295 species in total including 95 species of Butterflies & Moths Flora 452 species in Total.

New species are being added to the list as they are found. In the first two months of 2017 the folowing new species were discovered: The mammal Harvest Mouse, The fungus King Alfred's Cake and The bird Yellow-browed Warbler.





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