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EO-01 Royston Avenue Sheffield S20 6SG

EO-02 Ecological Owlthorpe an environmental approach

EO-03 This is an account of one of the victims of the flooding in Fishlake

EO-04 River Don Flood Risk at Fishlake

EO-05 Flood risk assesment

EO-06 Height above sea Level and GPS Co-ordinates

EO-07 Grazing Project

EO-08 Owlthorpe Meadows Invertebrate Survey 2010

EO-09 Owlthorpe Meadows Invertebrate Survey 2011

EO-10 Owlthorpe Meadows Invertebrate Survey 2012 v2

EO-11 National Tree Strategy

EO-12 Interpretation Board Entrance

EO-13 stemming-the-flow-trees-in-flood-protection

EO-14 Nicola Dempsy sustainability-11-00360-v2

EO-15 Nicola Dempsy

EO-16 COP26 - GOV

EO-17 List of floods in Sheffield

EO-18 Review of Planning and Highways Committee Meting 2nd June 2020

EO-19 Site visit Wednesday 29th January 2021

EO-20 The round Table event regarding Housing Supply

EO-21 Overview of the Ecological Owlthorpe Appeal

After having an application to build new houses in Ecological Owlthorpe turned down by Sheffield City Council, Avant Homes have appealed to Robert Jenerick MP Secretary of State for Housing.

A public inquiry is to be held as a virtual event, opening on Tuesday 12 th January 2021 at 10.00am.

If you agree that upstream solutions should be used to stop downstream flooding please let your local MP's, Councilors and Government official know how you feel by emailing them.

Email: holly.dutton@planninginspectorate.gov.uk

Sheffield South East MP is Clive Betts:   clive.betts.mp@parliament.uk

Doncaster North (fishlake) MP is Ed Milliband: ed.miliband.mp@parliament.uk

The Secretary of State for Housing E-mail:  jenrickr@parliament.uk

The Environment Secretary Email:  george.eustice.mp@parliament.uk

In this   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbYXEDczL-U Sophie Ridge interview George Eustace explains the government's response to UK floods. An extra £4 Billion to be spent on flood defenses. In Yorkshire , up stream nature based solutions are to be supported. We all need to ask our local MP and councilors why they have not applied for funds to protect Ecological Owlthorpe as an upstream nature based solution to protect the environment against flooding.

Clive Betts MP:  clive.betts.mp@parliament.uk

Cllr Bob McCann:  bob.mccann@councillor.sheffield.gov.uk

Cllr Chris Rosling-Josephs:  chris.rosling-josephs@councillor.sheffield.gov.uk

Cllr Sophie Wilson:  sophie.wilson@councillor.sheffield.gov.uk

Thank you for your attention

I think we all want to live in an environmentally friendly world free from pollution, floods, disease, famine and war. I believe politicians from all political parties want the same and have signed up to ecological and climate emergency policies. They also agree that to help the environment the United Kingdom needs to reduce our carbon footprint as soon as possible.

Recently many organisations have lobbied MPs and Councillors to protect or enhance the environment in their particular area, with limited success.These groups include Friends of many parks or open-spaces, Green Peace, Friends of The Earth, Climate Emergency and others. In order to achieve our aims and objectives we need to work together. Government Legislation is needed to help give guidance both to MPs, Councillors, Developers and the general public.

Although Government Legislation exists which States:

"The Secetary of State has the power to take the decision making power on a planning application out of the hands of the Local Planning Authority (LPA) by calling it in for his own determination. This can be done at any time during the planning application process, up to the point at which the LPA makes the decision. Who can request calling-in? Anyone can ask for a planning application to be called-in. Applicants should give clear reasons why they think that the aplication should be called-in, including why it is of more than local importance."

Asking the Secretary of State to call in an application is open to any individual, provided they fulfil the criteria of showing the National Relevance. This would have an impact on any decision the Secretary might make. One request is like a voice crying in the wilderness. Many requests shout with a loud voice and are more likely to be heard and taken seriously, therefore, please contact

The Environment Secretary Email: george.eustice.mp@parliament.uk.

Secretary of State for Housing Email: jenrickr@parliament.uk

Feel free to reference the Ecological Owlthorpe website as this gives evidence of the elevations of the area and how Ecological Owlthorpe is an upstream nature based solution protecting the environment.

The problem with this legislation is that National Government relies on local government to make local decisions. What we need is legislation that includes an appeals procedure.

Locally, after losing an application made to Sheffield City Council to build New Homes in a small plot in Ecological Owlthorpe, Avant Homes have now lodged an appeal with the Secretary of State. For many years building companies have coverted Ecologigal Owlthorpe and would love to build hundreds and hundreds of new homes allover Ecological Owlthorpe. We need to prevent further development in this area as there is more at stake than Owlthorpe Fields.

If we are to meet our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint we need to protect areas such as Ecological Owlthorpe. Public opinion is a very strong tool. The young people of today fear there will be no Greenspaces left for them to enjoy. By working together hopefully we should be able to change hearts and minds and curb the over-development of vital green spaces, especially when mature and valuable trees are threatened with the axe. These trees are storing carbon and releasing essential oxygen into the atmosphere. Newly planted trees cannot provide the same service until they are mature, by which time the damage is irreparable. Future generations will wonder what this generation was thinking of!

We need to remind building companies, such as Avant Home, of new Government plans, which states building companies, should be building on brownfield land.

Published 6 August 2020 : Announced by Robert Jenrick MP the Secretary of State for Housing:

“Government sets out plans to overhaul outdated planning system and reform the way the country builds. Plans to streamline process cut red tape and harness technology to deliver homes faster . Valued green spaces protected for future generations, with more building on brownfield land. Building beautiful homes, with communities at heart of new planning system. 30% discount through First Homes, with an emphasis on key workers.”

If you agree that Ecological Owlthorpe should be protected as a valued green space, please make your views known by Lobbying:

Robert Jenrick MP the Secretary of State for Housing E-mail: jenrickr@parliament.uk

Published 23rd January 2020 Government Press Release:

"Environment Bodies set joint vision to tackle climate change. Environment Agency, Forestry Commission, and Natural England outline a shared vision to use up-stream nature-based solutions to tackle the climate emergency."

If you agree that Ecological Owlthorpe is an upstream nature based solution protecting the environment, please make sure your views are known by Lobbying the following organizations:

The Environment Secretary Email: george.eustice.mp@parliament.uk .

Environment Agency Email: enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk

Forestry Commission mailto: alastair.suddaby@forestryengland.uk

Natural England Email:   enquiries@naturalengland.org.uk

I think these are the professional bodies that should preside over appeals procedures with regard to the environment and where new housing should be constructed.

Building companies also need to understand technology also has a major part to play in protecting the environment.

The government has already passed legislation to allow the owners of solar battery storage units to sell excess electricity to the National Grid.

It should be made compulsory for all new buildings whether they are commercial, private residential or social housing to have solar panels with battery storage units enabling them to sell excess electricity to support the National Grid. Also all new properties need to be equipped with high speed charging points for electric cars.

By working on a National scale working together we may be able to Petition Parliament https://petition.parliament.uk If a petition gets 10,000 signatures, the government will respond. If a petition gets 100,000 signatures, it will be considered for debate in Parliament. Please contact me at ecologicalowlthorpe@gmail.com I intend to contact as many frends of open spaces as possible, if I receive substantial support I will start a National Petition.





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