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There are many mammals living in Ecological Owlthorpe although we do not see as many as we used to. Badgers are no longer seen in the numbers that used to roam the woodlands but they have been seen recently in Owlthorpe Wild Orchard and Owlthorpe Fields which is still their natural habitat. Foxes, Squirells and Hedgehogs are regular visitors and sometimes can be seen in residential gardens looking for food. Weasels were also spotted recently crossing the road outside the Medical Centre. Mice, Rats and Rabbits are quite timid and not so easy to spot but they also call Ecological Owlthorpe their home. Just a few sampe photos of mammals you may see in Ecological Owlthorpe.


Harvest Mouse







Ecological Owlthorpe Editorial, Working with nature: Sheffield campaign calls for protection of upstream environments to stop downstreem flooding.

Public Inquiry Information supporting Ecological Owlthorpe as an upstream nature based solution protecting the environment from downstream flooding.

Please sign our petition https://chng.it/FPc7X4Nq Sheffield campaign calls for Nature-based solutions to tackle the climate emergency.

There are a number of organisations which can help with identification of Mammals that you may find in Ecological Owlthorpe.

Here are one or two web-sites you may find helpful.






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