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Owlthorpe Wetlands (Number 12 on the Map)

The Owlthorpe Wetlands was created as part of the overall project to support and enhance the ecology of Owlthorpe. 795 Local School Children have been involved in the complete project that provides environmental education to raise awarness and enjoymant of the local country side

The image below shows Owlthorpe Wetlands as they were when first created.

Owlthorpe Wetlands Approx: 260-ft above sea level

GPS Co-ordinates 53.33997,-1.37005

As you can see in photo to the left, in the Summer Owlthorpe Wetlands are completely overgrown with vegetation, but in the winter the area floods and overflows into the Ochre Dyke. Owlthorpe Wetlands remain boggy throughout most of the year and is home to many water cretures.




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