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Owlthorpe Grassland Grazing Project

(Numbers 1,1A and 2 on the Map)

Between 1980 and 2002 Sheffield lost 75.7% of its unimproved grasslands, therefore our grasslands are a valuable environmental resource. The project's objective is to manage our grasslands and safeguard the wildflower and wildlife for future generations to enjoy. The grazing project is part of a programme of strategic planting to link up the green corridors of Sheffield .

Three fields designated Phase 1, 1A, and 2 totalling 22 acres of grassland have been enclosed by 1.5km of post & wire fencing with 50 strainer posts, & 750 intermediate posts installed. Stock proof hedgerows have been planted to replace the fencing at the end of its life. Seven field gates and four kissing gates have been installed. New water pipe work and three drinking troughs have been installed.

The fields in Phases 1 and 1A have been designated as sites of important nature conservation (SINC). Reports from Sheffield City Ecological Unit Survey of March 1994 show the SINC grassland were species rich in wildflowers, such as Bird's foot-trefoil and harebell.

Hedgerows & Dry stone Walls

The "Enclosure Acts" passed by Parliament from 1750 to 1850 changed the face of Britain 's rural landscape. In Yorkshire and Derbyshire, the movement towards "enclosure" is exemplified by the miles of dry stone walls and hedgerows which straddle the landscape. The walls were constructed by wall builders who moved from job to job, and landowner to landowner.

SCC has facilitated large amounts of work on dry-stone wall carried out by volunteers supervised by Sheffield Landscape Trust (SLT)

New hedgerows have been planted in the green spaces of Owlthorpe. Wherever possible they have been planted along the lines of ancient hedgerows, based on information obtained from old maps. Trees have been planted, with the assistance of SLT, by local children from 3 local primary schools & community volunteers.

Which lasts longer? The life of a dry-stone wall is reckoned to be 200 years. However, some hawthorn hedges have been dated as 400 to 500 years old.

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