Welcome to friends of Ecological Owlthorpe

The photo to the right shows the maturity of the trees on Owlthorpe Fields. These trees are doing an excellent job. In the winter they soak up the excess water and help stop flooding down stream. They also give off the Oxygen that we breath which is also needed to counteract the pollution from nearby traffic.


Spot the bee in the photo to the left as it pollenates some of the rich flora that thrives in Owlthorpe Fields In the summer of 2020. The fields are also an excellent place to spot butterflies, Birds and other wildlife that lives in the fields or just visit the fields as they pass through.

Owlthorpe Fields are used by locals, some to simply enjoy walking the dog. Others just to have a walk to recharge their batteries. All enjoy the rich diversity of the fauna and flora that exist in Owlthorpe Fields. After visiting the fields all say they feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of their day.



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