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Owlthorpe Buttterflies

Here are some sample photos of Butterflies that have been recorded in Ecological Surveys taken throughout the years in Ecological Owlthorpe.

Painted Lady

Red Admiral

There are many butterfly species that live and can be seen almost anywhere in Ecological Owlthorpe. On the many public footpaths from the Grasslands of the Grazing Project throughout the woodlands of Hanging Lea Wood, Owlthorpe Wild Orchard, Owlthorpe Forest Settings by the paths of Owlthorpe Heritage & Nature Trail. they can also be seen in Owlthorpe Fields & Wetlands also in Westfield Plantation as they flit from flower to flower.

Small Tortoise


Many species of butterflies are also seen in residents gardens.


Large White


Orange Tip

Green-veins White


Purple Hairstreak

Small Copper



Speckled Wood


Small Skipper

Cinnabar Moth


Six Spot Burnett Moth

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There are a number of organisations which can help with identification Butterflies that you may find in Ecological Owlthorpe. Here are one or two web-sites you may find helpful.





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