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Ecological Owlthorpe Editorial, Working with nature: Sheffield campaign calls for protection of upstream environments to stop downstreem flooding.

The photo above is take from the 15th hole on Birley Moor Golf Course one of the highest points in the area.

Standing approx: 650ft Above Sea level GPS Co-ordinates 53.33975,-1.40247

The photo to the left shows how steep the tramway is that runs down past the side of the Golf Course.

Our Oasis was constructed and completed in 2012 under the guidance of Natural England under their Higher Level Stewardship scheme, the boundary of our Oasis spreads from Moor Valley down to Moss Way and has been used and enjoyed by the community ever since. To see the extent of work carried out creating our oasis, zoom into the Interpretation boards.

After Sheffield City Council Planning Committe rejected plans to build 500 homes in Owlthorpe, civil servants in the Planning Department continued to encourage their frends in the building industry by splitting the site into smaller plots C, D, E and F. The first plot to be sold is plot E. Although this application was rejected by Sheffield City Council Planning Committe. civil servants in the planning department are detemined to ignore the wishes of residents of Owlthorpe.

The area was fondly named Ecological Owlthorpe by Sheffield University Students studying Landscape and Architecture under the guidence of Dr Nicola Dempsey. Nicola Dempsey YouTube Their remit was to produce a plan B to the 72 homes proposal on plot E in Owlthorpe. BSc Landscape Architecture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkuxSGsGfBw The students took an indepth look at the proposal to build in Owlthorpe by reviewing the hundreds of objections made by local residents and various organisations. They also studied the interpretation boards which show the extent of environmental work carried out in 2012 under the guidance of Natural England. For more detailed information, Zoom into Interpretation Board

Many students concluded our oasis should be preserved as it is based on all relevant information, including all the significant environmental improvements made in Owlthorpe in 2012 by creating the rural Oasis and award winning Owlthorpe Heritage & Nature Trail. The trail was opened with an official event on March 16th 2012 by children from three local primary schools assisted by David Caufield - Sheffield City Council Officer, Clive Betts MP for Sheffield South East and Sheffield City Councilor Helen Mirfin-Boukouris.

Students also studied the maps which show the complete picture of our oasis, spreading from Moor Valley down to Moss Way.

The land management took place under the monitoring of Natural England by their Higher Level Stewardship Scheme. Under their guidance, 12,243 trees & hedgerow plants, 64,000 bulbs & 1,500 square meters of wildflowers seed sown.

After studying objections made by residents of Owlthorpe to the bulding of new homes in the area, many of the students sympathetically agreed and subsequently named the area Ecological Owlthorpe.

As requested they produced alternative plans in case the proposed development was granted and a number of plans were produced. The maximum amount of properties they suggested would fit on plot E is 36. Sheffield University students will be going on to work on the landscape designs of many of the major cities around the world after receiving their degrees. I am grateful to the Students and the University Departments input.

The floods of late 2019 had a devasting impact on the lives and landscape of Fishlake in Doncaster. Government response highlighted the need to protect downstream communities from upstream flooding.

In the Mosborough area of Sheffield, an otherwise tame Dyke was torrid during this period, flooding down stream from it's elevated position, and by the time it's confluence with the rivers Rother and Don, it had become a major contributer to the floodplane in Fishlake. There was also localised flooding in Beighton.

The area where the Ochre Dyke flows has head waters on Birley Moor which is one of the highest elevations in the area at approximately 650ft above sea level. Ecological Owlthorpe is in an area of natural beauty, boasting ancient woodland, hedgerows, flora and fauna. All of these are under threat from developers who would wish to build up to 500 houses on the surrounding land.

Felling trees is known to be a major factor in upstream waters, and in line with Government policy the Owlthorpe area should be protected, not only for the wildlife etc., but also to protect down stream flooding in the future.

Trees and woodland are already abundant in the area and felling them to re-plant would incur unnecessary cost and destruction to the habitat of thriving wildlife.

This web-site sets out the reasons why Ecologicel Owlthorpe should be preserved as an upstream nature based solution thus protecting the environment.

National Tree Stratergy: https://parliamentlive.tv/




795 local school children were involved in 2012. The project provides environmental education to raise awareness and enjoyment of the local country side.

Unique historic 3-way stone stile locally listed.

Stand Approx: 502ft Above Sea Level

GPS Co-ordinates 53.33297,-1.37559


The Culvert opposite Birley Moor Garden Centre stands Approx: 420ft above sea level

GPS Co-ordinates 53.33822,-1.38570

Sheffield is well known for it's hills. Birley Moor Golf Course stands at Approx:650ft above sea level and is one of the highest points in the area. In winter water cascades down into the Ochre Dyke at two points: one culvert onto Owlthorpe Heritage & Nature Trail opposite Birley Moor Garden Centre and the other from the 3 way stone stile, then down onto Moorhole Lane Trail. After travelling through Ecological Owlthorpe they both meet up opposite the play ground at Edenthorpe Grove, then continue down behind Crystal Peaks standing Approx:178ft above sea level, then into the River Rother and on to the River Don.

Evidence supplied to Planning Inspectorat supporting Ecological Owlthorpe as an upstream nature based solution protecting the environment from downstream flooding.

Please sign our petition https://chng.it/FPc7X4Nq Sheffield campaign calls for Nature-based solutions to tackle the climate emergency.




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