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White Tailed Bumblebee

Honey Bee

There are literally thousands of insects that live in the UK. Amongst them are the pollinators, such as bees, without which plant life would not be able to germinate. Here are just a few sample photos of insects that have been spotted in Ecological Owlthorpe.

Common Wasp

7-Spotted Ladybird



Public Inquiry Information supporting Ecological Owlthorpe as an upstream nature based solution protecting the environment from downstream flooding.

Please read our editorial in the Yorkshire Bylines.

Please help save Owlthorpe Heritage & Nature Trail by

Signing our petition to Sheffield City Council: https://chng.it/6vXHqcGG4S

also, our petition to Parliamentary Ombudsman: https://chng.it/FPc7X4Nq

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There are a number of organisations which can help with identification of insects and other invertebrates that you may find in Ecological Owlthorpe, Here are one or two web-sites you may find helpfull.






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