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Health & Wellbeing: Owlthorpe Medical Centre (No 13 on the Map)

Owlthorpe Medical Centre

Wheldrake Pharmacy

The NHS recommend excercise as a means of maintaining both physical and mental wellbeing. Many residents of Owlthorpe enjoy taking a walk to the Medical Centre.

In the lockdown many children have enjoyed using Ecological Owlthorpe as a means of much needed recreation and outdoor activity, particularly as for many children, school interaction has not been available.

The Rock Snake has encouraged children to take their parents to contribute their own painted rocks to the snake. This is testimony to how many families with children are taking advantage of this valuable outdoor space as the snake is growing daily.

As seen below, the snake has arroused the curiosity of the squirrel, maybe he thinks its a new food source.

Other Children organised a paper chase hiding pictures of Ponies and Horses and requested other children look for them. After finding them they were encouraged to send photos of the location of their discoveries.

Incidentally there is a bridle way at the bottom of Moorhole Lane which leads up to Moor Vally, although it has become somewhat overgrown.

Many children enjoy walking or cycling in Ecological Owlthorpe, some by them selves others accompanies by their parents. You can walk or cycle through and by the side of Owlthorpe Fields, under the road bridge at Moorthorpe Gate, turning right past Owlthorpe Wetlands and on the right is a bridge over the Ochre Dyke that leads up to the Recreation Ground in Owlthorpe Forest Settings. If you carry straight on it leads down to the Childrens' playground at Edenthorpe Grove. If you carry on further down hill you can walk or cycle through Westfield Plantation all the way down to Moss Way.

Please read our editorial in the Yorkshire Bylines. Sheffield campaign calls for protection of upstream environments to stop downstreem flooding.

Public Inquiry Information supporting Ecological Owlthorpe as an upstream nature based solution protecting the environment from downstream flooding.

Please help save Owlthorpe Heritage & Nature Trail by

Signing our petition to Sheffield City Council: https://chng.it/6vXHqcGG4S

also, our petition to Parliamentary Ombudsman: https://chng.it/FPc7X4Nq

Click here to see a map showing what is at stake:




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