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Interpretation Boards

Our award-winning oasis was opened in 2012 by Clive Betts MP for Sheffield South East. The Land managment was undertaken and monitored by Natural England by their Higher-Level Stewardship Scheme. Some 795 local school children were involved in the project together with hundreds of members of the local community who now use the oasis on a regular basis. Thank you all who took part in this environmentaly friendly project.

Approx: 453ft above sea level
GPS Co-ordinates: 53.33581,-1.38114

Approx: 387ft above sea leavel
GPS Co-ordinates: 53.33765,-1.38187
Approx: 407ft above sea Level
GPS Co-ordinates: 53.33712,-1.38161
Approx: 346ft above sea leavel
GPS Co-ordinatesn 53.33896,-1.38057
Approx: 412ft above sea level
GPS Co-ordinates: 53.33602,-1.37873
The intrepretation Boards where part funded by Crystal Peaks Shopping Mall and Retail Park. Thank you so much. The boards are both informative and educational and are used on a daily basis


There are a number of organisations which can help with identification. Here are one or two web-sites you may find helpful.





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