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Facebook Post: Sheffield (LPA) have a duty of care not to allow New Properties to be built upstream in areas that would increase the flood risk to those living downstream.

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Press Release: Government departments at loggerheads

Press Releace: Sheffield City Council overlooks upstream nature-based solutions.


Please read our editorial in the Yorkshire Bylines. Sheffield campaign calls for protection of upstream environments to stop downstreem flooding.

Public Inquiry Information supporting Ecological Owlthorpe as an upstream nature based solution protecting the environment from downstream flooding.

Please help save Owlthorpe Heritage & Nature Trail by

Signing our petition to Sheffield City Council: https://chng.it/6vXHqcGG4S

also, our petition to Parliamentary Ombudsman: https://chng.it/FPc7X4Nq

Click here to see a map showing what is at stake:


Michael Meredith, https://www.ecological-owlthorpe.org Sheffield

E-Mail: ecologicalowlthorpe@gmail.com


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